AGUIAS (Association Guineenne Des Assistantes Sociales)

“At around 11:30 a.m. on the morning of September 28, 2009, several hundred members of Guinea’s security forces burst into the September 28 Stadium in Guinea’s capital, Conakry, and opened fire on tens of thousands of opposition supporters peacefully gathered there. By late afternoon, at least 150 Guineans lay dead or dying in and around the stadium complex. Sexual assaults began minutes after the security forces stormed the stadium gates. Human Rights Watch researchers interviewed 28 victims of sexual violence and documented many more cases from witnesses to the assaults. Of the 28 victims, 18 had been raped by more than one perpetrator. It is not known how many women were raped. A coalition of health and Bloody Monday 8 human rights groups had, as of mid-October, identified 63 victims of sexual violence, but given the profound stigma attached to victims of sexual violence in Guinea’s conservative, largely Muslim society, it is widely believed that many women have not come forward for medical treatment or other support.” (view article here)

Poster signed by supporters
Immediately after the events, Guineans and the international community mobilized physicians, medical supplies, and psychologists to support the women and young girls that had been victimized. In some cases, women were evacuated to receive medical care and are currently still living abroad. September 28 brought forth the worst of actions against women, and illuminated the severe lack of support systems within the country for women and young girls who are victimized. The culture of fear and shame that prevented rape and sexual assault victims of September 28 from coming forward is unfortunately common in Guinea. (Also check out IRIN article here)

In July 2011, Guinee Espoir raised $600 to donate to a very deserving NGO called AGUIAS (Association Guineenne Des Assistantes Sociales). It was founded in 1999 and supports women and children through schooling, assistance for trafficking victims, victims of gender based violence, amongst other activities.
Supporters also signed a poster we created in order to show our continued support for women victims of the September 28 attacks.

Co-Founders Saran and Sarata Kaba with President of AGUIAS Aissatou Barry and her team

We thank all of our supporters for this project. Without, your financial assistance, interest, and signatures, this work would not have been possible. The AGUIAS team extend their gratitude.


Call of Hope Mission

Call of Hope Mission

Michael Koroma is no ordinary guy. This 34 year old Sierra-Leon born minister has dedicated his life to the less fortunate. His philanthropic and humanitarian spirit no doubt comes from his strong faith in God but also, in his belief that every person deserves a helping hand. Michael lost his parents at a very early age and was raised by his aunt to whom he owes the person he has become today. After attending university, he became a minister and today, is the Director and Senior Minister of Call of Hope Mission International which was founded in 1996.We were introduced to Pastor Michael by Joann Foster, a young woman who had the chance to visit and work with the mission’s children in Guinea. She only had good things to say about the Pastor and his organization. Through our many correspondences, we quickly realized that Pastor Michael is not only a generous person but is also working tirelessly to provide his “service to love and mankind”. Guinée Espoir is eager to lend a helping hand with your help!

Call of Hope mission
Based in Conakry, Call of Hope Mission International is comprised of a church, school (nursery, primary and secondary) and orphanage home for the needy. The mission has plans to open a Vocational Training Institute and Health Center depending on the funding they are able to receive. Currently located in a rented building, the space is divided into 4 rooms: two bathrooms, a kitchen and a garage. The rooms are used for the library, store and office. The parlor is divided up into classrooms and the veranda also serves as a classroom (there is a total of 10). The church building and annex are both at the back of the main building.
The Mission currently provides free education to 135 kids, shelter, food and medical services to approximately 40 children who are without close relatives (orphans, abandoned street kids, handicaps, amputees from neighboring wars…) and assistance to the needy in their community. Programs such as the Good Samaritan Day which is held every 3rd Sunday of the month: people are asked to bring donations to the church for distribution to the needy within the community.

The Mission’s most pressing needs are: rent (they are often threatened to be closed down because they can’t pay on time), educational materials and supplies, salaries, funds to go towards building a Vocational Training Institute and Health Center.

Message from Pastor Koroma:

Pastor Michael
“Dear donors and philanthropists, you are the reason we are into what we are today and the reason for kids all over the world to believe their unfortunate conditions cannot deter them from being the person they are created for. I therefore would like to thank you first and foremost for taking it upon yourself to selflessly think about someone in another place suffering the blunt of life and wickedness of men.
Please keep up the good and generous work you are doing and be assured that you will be richly rewarded one day soon, and the world to come you will share in your heavenly inheritance. I urge you to please do whatever you can to help us realize our goals and objectives for the most unfortunate ones we have decided to serve in our different communities”.

Guinée Espoir was able to raise about $1,000.00 to help pay for the organization’s rental fees so that the kids have a sure place to stay for the year 2011. We were also able to distribute gift bags to the children on Christmas Eve!


La Maison Des Enfants & Foyer Paix Et Joie

FOYER PAIX et JOIE provides disadvantaged women with child- birth and childcare-related services. The organization also distributes food to the disabled, young children, and the local poor whenever their means allow.

On-site Facilities
Room quarters for the nuns and 26 beds for both pregnant women and their babies.

Major Issues
Lack of food supply (sadly, there are times when the nuns are forced to feed infants who have lost their mothers with water because the price of milk is too high), and lack of funds to adequately maintain the on-site facilities.

Thanks to your donations, we were able to provide:
5 Bags of Rice, Cases of powdered milk for the babies, 2 cartons of tomato paste, 20 liters of cooking Oil , 1 carton OMO detergent, 2 cartons Sur’ Eau (water purifier), 36 cans of green beans, 10 Kg dried beans, Traditional fabric/cloths for the mothers, Baby clothes, Stuffed animals and toys.

LA MAISON DES ENFANTS orphanage in Boffa was created by Mr. Piccaluga Riccardo, a once-orphaned Italian man who sold all of his belongings in order to help children in need. La Maison des Enfants services approximately 420 children: 102 of which stay at the orphanage full time, while the remaining children attend the orphanage daily for school and/or meals. The orphanage staff also assists people from the neighborhood who are sick or wounded.

On-site Facilities
There are 30 separate dormitories for boys and girls. Each dormitory holds 6-8 beds. The orphanage also has a basketball and volleyball court so the children can play and an arts and crafts program they can participate in. Classes are scheduled from 8am to 12pm and from 2:30pm to 4pm. La Maison des Enfants also has a small medical center with a permanent doctor for the children’s medical needs.

Thanks to your donations, we were able to provide:
5 Bags of Rice, Sugar (75 kg), 2 Cartons of Tomatoes paste, 20 liters of cooking Oil , 1 Carton OMO detergent, 2 cartons Sur’ Eau (water purifier), 36 cans of green beans, 10 Kg dried beans, Office supplies, Clothes and shoes for the children, School supplies, Toys and games.


Donka Hospital Xmas project

Donka Hospital
Guinée Espoir worked on its second project with Donka Hospital. On January 2009, members distributed toys they had collected, and purchased for the children.


Raising Funds for Donka’s Children’s Hospital

Donka Hospital Children
After an article from IRIN News mentioned this hospital, its lack of resources and the living conditions of children affected by Malnutrition, the members of Guinée Espoir decided to pull together and raise funds for the hospital. Some members created a circle of five donors and committed to raising a certain amount. Others spoke to groups and individuals who also committed to raising funds for us. With these funds, we purchased beds, sheets, pillows and food for the hospital.


Clothes for Hadja Mariama’s Orphanage

Hadja Mariama Orphanage Clothes donation
We’ve all heard of or donated to the Salvation Army in the past. Well, this time we decided to donate clothes to the very needy children of the Hadja Mariama Orphanage. They lack resources and are in great need of help. We sent a suitcase full of clothes to the boys and girls at the orphanage along with a couple of bags of rice.


Book Project

Book Project Guinee Espoir
Guinée Espoir donated approximately 30 books and studying aids to a library in Guinea, established by a group called: Les Amis du Futur.


SOS Village

Guinee Espoir Donation
Guinée Espoir donated: school supplies, toys, crayons, coloring books, stickers, hair accessories, games, puzzles, photo albums, T-shirts, water bottles, baby clothes, bottles, small eating trays, jewelry and many more things, to the kids of SOS Village, an orphanage in Guinea, Conakry.