Founded by twin sisters Saran and Sarata Kaba, Guinée Espoir (meaning Guinea Hope in French) is dedicated to promoting youth development in Guinea, West Africa. Our mission is to help youth in Guinea become well-rounded human beings by staying educated, safe and healthy. Guinée Espoir’s vision is to create a lasting change in the lives of children living in Guinea by working to increase the access to education and addressing important topics such as healthcare and professional development. We work together with other organizations, local partners, and established groups, on projects aiming to better the lives of children living in Guinea. Though Guinée Espoir has a special focus on helping children, we’ve also worked on projects advocating for women’s well-being in Guinea.

Since its inception in 2004, Guinée Espoir has successfully carried out projects aiding hospitals, orphanages, libraries, schools and women’s associations. Our goal is not only to continue partnering with other organizations to provide them with assistance but also to work on independent projects to help serve Guinean youth.

We hope to give the children of Guinea the necessary tools to enable them to reach their full potential and in turn inspire future generations.